We offer products for both surface care (Home Cleaning) and personal care based on our proprietary and patented technologies.
Our technologies are strongly patent protected and combine deep proprietary know-how from our team of scientists, with years of experience in formulating biocidal products, with novel technologies recently discovered by Hygienix’ laboratories. All products are registered or notified and comply to applicable regulations and laws.

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Our technologies are based on proprietary platforms where we create optimized combinations of specific organic acids and harmless synergistic ingredients. The platforms enable highly biocidal products that are harmless to environment, human beings and materials. The Hygienix technologies are environmentally responsible, do not induce antimicrobial resistance and are not under scrutiny by regulators, authorities or the public like with quaternaries, biguanides, triclosan or chlorine.

Hygienix offers superior product performance through an incremental ingredient brand equity based on IP that is protected with a series of granted and applied-for patents. We have an ongoing R&D program working with specialist chemical companies, academia and in joint development agreements with global partners.

We offer our partners:

Patent protection



Unique technical know-how and formulations

Strong claims

Registered formula’s with strong claims

Long term licensing

Long-term licensing relationship

Superior claims

Superior, validated claims

Strong track record

A strong track record of delivering succes