Surface Care


We design and develop next generation household products with unique antimicrobial claims. Claims that provide a lasting competitive advantage and that are patent protected. We ensure regulatory compliance and speed-to-market. You win by lower risk in product development, fast time to launch, regulatory security and bringing highly innovative, patent-protected products to the market.

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For example we offer Bathroom, Kitchen, Floor, Glass, or Dishwash products, all free of Chlorine, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Phenols or any other harmful ingredient, while still offering the highest antimicrobial efficacy. Consumer research from our customers clearly shows increased purchase intent with Hygienix-enabled strong antimicrobial and disinfection claims, as well as a high interest for “low tox”, safer and “low chemicals” products.

These products are available for basically all regulatory environments, ranging from Europe (BPR) to Asia and Middle-East to USA (EPA).

Personal Care


A core strength of Hygienix is optimizing the delicate balance between high antimicrobial efficacy and high skin tolerance. We are experts in high-efficacy, low irritancy products with powerful antimicrobial claims. Products tailored for consumer and professional markets, with each its specific challenges and requirements.

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These products are aimed at the European, Asian, Latin-America, African, Australia and Middle-East markets (non USA). Products for the European Union are registered and reasy-for-market across the whole of the EU. Please note that only selected personal care products (with general skin cleansing, non antimicrobial claims) are available in the USA (see below).