About Hygienix


Simplify your Market Entry in Disinfectants

Great Innovations, fully compliant with all standards and regulations:

  • Simplified Registration Processes for our customers
  • Simplified Formulations – cost-effective and high performance
  • Simplified Product Labeling & Hazard Classification – safe and simple to use products
  • Simply Environmentally Sustainable and responsible
  • With Simplified Licensing Models

Who we are

We make complex and regulated disinfection products simple, safe and effective. We work with our clients to bring next-generation biocidal products to the market, both in retail and professional markets. We support technically, regulatory and commercially. We enable brands to add valuable antimicrobial claims to their products. This way we help deepen product propositions, power brand innovation, enhance competitive advantage for our clients, improve profit-mix, and often to just simply comply to complex rules and regulations. We offer a range of patent protected and registered formula’s in both surface care and personal care. All products are environmentally responsible and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as quaternary ammonium compounds, phenols, triclosan, biguanides or chlorine. Also the products are free of alcohols and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are all not hazard classified under CLP.

Our Way of Working

Hygienix is a trusted partner with a proven track record in building long lasting and highly profitable partnerships with brand leaders in various industries across the globe. Hygienix owns the registrations, patents, know-how, formulations and test data, which we license out to our partners.

The corporate mission is to become the global alternative for user unsafe and environmentally burdening antimicrobials and build this into numerous applications.