Hygienix Benefits

Product Benefits

  • Strong antibacterial and disinfection claims
  • Strong cleaning performance in household cleaners
  • Skin hydrating and caring effect in antibacterial soaps
  • Registered as biocidal product in Europe (BPR Registered)
  • Virtually immediate market access
  • Environmentally responsible active ingredients
  • Safe for people, materials and environment
  • Not hazard classified products (CLP)
  • Flexible formulating options

Cooperation & Licensing Benefits

  • Hygienix holds patents and proprietary know how, available under license
  • Hygienix only licenses out, we do not compete with our clients
  • All formulations are developed over many years and fulfil all criteria to claim disinfection
  • Extremely fast market access
  • Patent-protected formulas
  • Risk-sharing model based on milestones and revenue-sharing